You’ve Got Mail(-Order Pharmacy)

We’re all looking for ways to simplify our lives. Consider the time and money that can be saved by using a mail-order pharmacy, pharmacies that ship your prescriptions to you at home.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your mail-order pharmacy.

  • Always check your plan before using a mail-order pharmacy to ensure you are covered with that pharmacy.
  • Check with your doctor too. Some medical practices prefer to send prescriptions to pharmacies where you can pick up the prescription. When you need a prescription on the same day it’s ordered, you have a few options. You can simply pick it up at a regular pharmacy, or you can ask your doctor to send two prescriptions, one to be picked up that day and one to be sent to the mail-order that will be delivered later.
  • Don’t confuse mail-order pharmacies with online pharmacies. Mail-order pharmacies are those that work with your health plan and require specific insurance, whereas online pharmacies operate like regular pharmacies.
  • Don’t feel limited. Using walk-in pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies simultaneously (for different prescriptions) is fine. However, it’s important for each pharmacy to know all of the medications you are taking for safety reasons.
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