The Great Transition

Most women are familiar with menopause, but did you know about perimenopause? The term refers to the transition period when a woman’s body begins to lose fertility. Estrogen and progesterone levels may rise or fall unevenly, menstrual cycles may become unpredictable, and menopause-like symptoms may begin.
Possible Perimenopause Symptoms
Irregular periods
 Vaginal dryness
 Mood swings
 Bladder issues
 Sleep problems
 Low libido
 Cognitive difficulties
 Hot flashes
Some women notice signs such as menstrual irregularities in their early 30s, while others do not see changes until their 40s. If you experience symptoms that interfere with your well-being, see your doctor. In the meantime, learn more ways to manage perimenopause and relieve symptoms.
Sources: Mayo Clinic, Health and Prevention