Soar with Yoga

You might have tried yoga, but have you tried it in the air? Aerial yoga is a relaxing form of yoga performed with fabric hammocks that hang from the ceiling. It might sound intimidating, but aerial yoga classes are designed to accommodate different skill levels. Like traditional yoga, aerial yoga stretches and strengthens the body. So what’s the difference?
Aerial yoga can provide greater flexibility. The hammocks allow you to enter poses with less resistance, which means deeper stretches.
Changing up your normal routine with an aerial yoga class can also increase focus. Whether engaging in modified versions of yoga poses you know and love or experiencing yoga for the first time, everything changes with the hammock. Balance, stability and interacting with the hammock cause the mind and body to be more aware of its surroundings and positioning.
Another benefit of aerial yoga is strength-building. Hanging or resting on the hammock creates a different gravitational pull on the body. Muscles will accommodate for this change by working harder, especially the core muscles.
What would yoga be without stress relief? The floating support, relaxing poses and feelings of accomplishment after an aerial yoga class can help the mind and body unwind.
Although aerial yoga can be fun and challenging, it doesn’t come without cautions. Yogis who are pregnant, have heart problems, have recently had eye surgery, have blood pressure concerns, prosthetic hips or blocks to the nasal passage should consult with a doctor before engaging in aerial yoga.
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