Mattress Myths

Finding the right mattress can be a daunting task. The options are endless—now more than ever—and there are many factors to consider. However, some of the common tips you’ve heard might not be as helpful as you thought. Take a look at these mattress myths.

Myth: Mattress Flipping

Although it’s suggested to flip your mattress every few months, most modern mattresses are one-sided. Thus, rotating your mattress is the way to go. Rotating your mattress regularly, as well as trying to sleep in a variety of positions and places on the mattress, helps prevent that dreaded sink hole effect and minimizes wear and tear.

Myth: Box Springs Required

Box springs were originally used to add extra support to thin mattresses. Today’s mattresses tend to provide all the support you need on their own. While box springs aren’t necessary, they do help add height to a bed.

Myth: Test At the Store

The best way to test a mattress is to sleep on it. While stores offer a chance to lie down, you can’t get the full overnight experience. There are also other factors to consider aside from comfort, such as allergies. Today’s mattress buying experience includes a host of online options, which allow you to research, read reviews and compare apples to apples. Most online retailers also offer free shipping and a months-long trial period.

Remember, everybody is different, which means no single mattress is right for everyone. Find one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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