Hyper-Personalized Healthcare

Each of us has unique DNA. Obviously, this affects our physical characteristics, but it’s also key to our health. To tap into that knowledge, consider hyper-personalized healthcare — optimizing medical decisions based on the context of one’s genetic content. That means therapies, preventive actions and medications can be chosen based on a patient’s predicted response or risk of disease. Therefore, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, doctors can assess a patient’s DNA in order to pick specific diets, exercise plans and medications in an attempt to ward off specific diseases that one might show a genetic marker for or that’s in their family tree.
How do you make this work for you? Talk with your doctor about DNA testing. Next, locate a specialty clinic near you that can read, evaluate and translate the testing into a personalized healthcare plan. These types of tests and analysis can cost upward of $25,000, though, so first consult your insurance plan documents to see what type of coverage for these tests is available to you.
Source: Forbes