Hygge How-To

Missing the coziness of winter? We’re right in the middle of summer, but you can get some of that comfy feeling now by adding some hygge to your life. Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” is a Danish word for a feeling of contentment, coziness and well-being from enjoying life’s simple things. You’ve probably experienced hygge without realizing it: reading inside by the fire, watching the rain through the window, or enjoying a cup of tea or cocoa. It’s an easy way to relax and practice self-care amid a busy life.
Hygge can be found in almost every aspect of your life. It’s big in home-decorating trends – cozy blankets, soft colors and simple comfy furniture can all be found on Pinterest and beyond when searching for hygge inspiration. Comfort food is considered hygge – hot drinks, baked goods and homemade treats that give you that warm feeling inside. And yes, sweatpants are hygge – there’s even a Danish word for them: hyggebukser!
Can you still enjoy hygge in the heat? Absolutely! Some ideas for summer-friendly hygge activities:
  • Picnics in the park
  • Bonfires and long walks on the beach
  • Nature hikes
  • Backyard dinner parties
  • Writing, drawing or painting on a rainy summer day
  • An outdoor movie night
Hygge is all about creating a comfortable and happy atmosphere, so take some time to hygge-fy your life this summer.
Source: CountryLiving.com