How to Digital Declutter

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home anymore. It’s a great time to clean out your digital space — your computer files, internet favorites and more.

Your inbox.

How many emails do you have saved? And how many of them do you really need? Look through your inbox and delete any unneeded messages and unsubscribe from any email lists that don’t add value to your day. You’ll save storage space and feel accomplished.

Unneeded apps/software.

Look through your computer and your phone. There are probably some apps or programs you don’t use anymore. Delete them off your phone — more storage is always a good thing. On your computer, make sure you’re uninstalling, not just deleting a shortcut.

Old files.

Ancient college essays, outdated resumes, old pictures you never look at. Your computer and phone probably have files you haven’t thought about in years. If you can live without it, delete. If you want to hold on, organize into an archive folder or an online cloud system so they don’t slow you down.

Social media connections.

Consider trimming down your friends list. In today’s world where everyone is on every platform, your feed can get clogged up easily. If you pare down your connections to remove friends of friends or people you met once, you’ll see more from those you really care about.

Internet bookmarks.

If you haven’t looked at it in a year, chances are you don’t need it. Articles you’ve saved, things you earmarked to buy, and sites that aren’t relevant to your current lifestyle can all be deleted from your bookmarks bar to make room for sites that you need moving forward.

Take some time this spring to spruce up your digital space.

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