Don’t Wait, Vaccinate

Your child’s health and safety are a huge priority for you – and keeping up with their immunizations is an important part of that. Here are some of the benefits:
Immunizations keep your child healthy. Your child can be protected from more diseases today than ever. For example, chickenpox was once very common in the U.S., but use of the vaccine, which is about 94% effective at preventing the virus, has greatly reduced it.
Vaccines are safe and effective. Immunizations are not made available until they’ve been reviewed carefully by doctors and scientists. There may be some minor side effects, including discomfort or tenderness at the injection site, but vaccines do prevent disease, and serious side effects are very rare.
Immunizations save money and time. If a child contracts a vaccine-preventable disease, they can be denied access to schools or child care centers. These diseases can result in prolonged disabilities and medical costs for care, not to mention the physical effects of the disease itself. Getting your kids vaccinated is a good investment – it prevents later cost and is usually covered by insurance. There is also a federally funded program, Vaccines for Children, that provides free vaccines for low-income families.
Vaccines protect those around you and your child. Vaccine-preventable diseases still affect children in the U.S. in part because not every child is vaccinated. For example, since 2010, there have been between 10,000 and 50,000 whooping cough cases, and 10 to 20 babies have died as a result. Making sure your kids get their immunizations helps protect those who can’t due to young age or allergies.
You can help protect future generations. Diseases that killed or disabled people a few generations ago are now reduced by the use of vaccines. Smallpox no longer exists because its vaccination eradicated the disease. Continuing to vaccinate against diseases helps slow the spread of them, and eventually some of these diseases might die out – with your help!
 Making sure your child is up to date on their vaccines not only helps them, but everyone around them. So don’t hesitate, vaccinate!