Color Me Happy

Your favorite color might reveal more about you than you think! Whether we find a color exciting, relaxing, or boring has roots in psychology. This is a result of having colors all around us, whether it’s the red of a stop sign or the blue of the water on a trip to the beach. Our brains create associations and they are as varied as our experiences. Purple could remind one person of a bouquet of flowers, but someone else might recall their least favorite childhood toy.

Travel can take advantage of existing associations and create new ones. Research shows that being in a new environment can make colors more noticeable and take your travel experience to the next level. A color that catches your eye in familiar place can become even more exciting somewhere else. And because our associations are so flexible, new sights can totally change our perspectives.
Paint your life with some of these colors:

  • Blue. You’re most likely to spot blue in the ocean or a clear sky, triggering a sense of calm.
  • Red. A vivid color, red appears in art and food and can energize and motivate us.
  • Green. Rolling hills, rainforests, and palm tree leaves mean that green can bring on soothing feelings of life and growth.
  • Yellow. As the brightest color, yellow can be overwhelming, but a stroll through changing autumn leaves — or sunflowers if you’re more of a summer person — can feel more pleasant.
  • Purple. It’s harder to find purple in nature, which can mean seeing it at all can spark attention. The purple of a late evening sky or seashell can feel rewarding and special.

Use that next vacation to get some new color in your life—your brain will thank you!

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