Brace Yourself for Orthodontics

Smile for orthodontic coverage! Your teeth are an important part of your overall health, and keeping them healthy and strong matters. And while maintain a good bite has functionality benefits, a straight smile also just plain looks good!

Orthodontics is a subset part of dentistry that focuses on correcting bite, straightening teeth, and tooth and jaw alignment. Some dental plans cover different levels of orthodontic services, depending on age, level of coverage, and other factors.
Whether you or your child need braces or orthodontic care, you likely have options from your employer’s plan. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Confirm from your benefits information if your dental plan covers orthodontic care.
  • Most dental plans include a network of dental providers, so make sure when searching for an orthodontist that you choose one that’s in network for your plan so you can save money.
  • Check for coverage limits. Most plans have a certain amount that is covered for orthodontics, or a limit on the number of visits per year. Many plans also include a lifetime maximum for how much they will cover for orthodontic treatment.
  • Are adults covered? Some plans cover braces or orthodontia for children only – so if you’re the one wanting braces, check your plan details first.

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