Biometric Screenings

Have you scheduled your annual biometric screening yet? These screens, which are typically administered by an approved third-party provider, measure blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, disease risk, body mass index (BMI), triglycerides levels (the amount of fatty acids in the blood) and other metrics that the employer chooses to have included in the test.
These tests will give individuals a good look at their overall health and well-being. It sounds intensive, but it’s not. Most take about 15 minutes and include taking simple vitals and a blood sample. Some tests are a little more in-depth than others, however, including bone density tests and preliminary cancer screenings – but not all biometric screenings include these things. If, due to your results, you are considered “at-risk” you will be given a list of what potential risks you have, how to fix them, and what providers you can see to start taking care of these issues.
Screening results usually take about a week and your results are only available to you. The company will receive a report of the overall health of their employees, but your specific information is not given in order to protect your privacy.
Source: Total Wellness