Allergy Remedies

Spring is here and that means sunshine, beautiful blooms and allergy season. So instead of spending this beautiful season indoors with a stuffy head and watery eyes, here are a few ways to avoid an uncomfortable, itchy season:

  • Try an over-the-counter medication, but start taking it early. If allergies make you feel itchy, a non-sedating oral antihistamine might be your best bet. Can’t sleep at night? Try a 100% sedation antihistamine like Benedryl.
  • Skip out on synthetics and opt for natural treatment. Natural supplements such as nettles and plant pigment quercetin can relieve allergy-induced runny nose, watery eyes, hives and swelling. And if you suffer from mild allergies, Vitamin C in 500 -1000mg doses three times daily can serve as a natural antihistamine.
  • Rinse your nasal passage daily. Keeping your passage clear can help with headaches and inflammation. Try a gentle saline nasal rinse with an irrigation pot to dilute and rinse away pollens and molds.
  • Spring clean your home. Spring cleaning is more than just clearing away the holiday clutter – a thorough clean can also help keep those allergies under control. Pay special attention to areas of your home that collect dust and other areas where pollen and other allergens may be getting inside.

Source: Huffington Post