Pet Insurance

Can you catch a break on vet bills with pet insurance? You sure can’t put a price on your little friend’s health so it may be time to find out. Pet insurance providers have made a good case in favor of it.
Pet insurance can cover everything from preventive care to treatments for accidents or illness, including medications, X-rays, surgeries, and hospital stays. You can stay with your own vet or find a licensed in-network vet. Costs depend on your pet’s breed, age, species and the coverage level selected.
 Average Prices
The average monthly premium for a dog is $32 and $22 for a cat, although you can opt for emergency care only, which can lower the monthly premium to about $10. On some policies, premiums can exceed $100 per month for comprehensive coverage for exotic birds or pets.
  • Emergency care treatments can be extremely expensive.
  • It’s a good idea when you have a pet with a chronic illness.
  • There’s a high value for your peace of mind.
  • Most policies offer discounts for two or more pets, micro-chipped pets and for pet owners in the military.
  • Most policies require deductibles and copays.
  • Some pre-existing conditions may be excluded.
  • Premiums will vary by state and may increase annually.
 If pet insurance is starting to make good sense, shop for the best rate by comparing quotes from several companies.
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