Hospital Indemnity How-To

Nobody plans for a hospital visit, but things happen.

It’s better to be protected in the event you or a loved one need a hospital stay. Hospital Indemnity coverage can give you peace of mind when you need it most.

Hospital Indemnity coverage pays cash benefits directly to you if you have a covered stay in a hospital or critical care unit. The benefit amount is determined based on the type of facility and the number of days you stay. You can use the benefits from this policy to help pay for your medical expenses such as deductibles and copays, travel cost, food and lodging or everyday expenses such as groceries and utilities. Hospital Indemnity coverage offers Guaranteed Issue Coverage (no medical questions). The coverage does NOT have a pre‑existing condition exclusion. Benefits are payable for hospitalizations that occur on or after the effective date of your policy. A wellness benefit is payable for each covered member for completing certain wellness screenings such as a pap test, cholesterol test, mammogram, colonoscopy or stress test. Contact your Human Resources department to see if Hospital Indemnity insurance is available to you.

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