Not all holiday foods are created equal. Take a look at these healthier holiday staples, so you don’t feel so guilty about circling back for seconds:
Holiday Favorites Health Benefits
CranberriesCranberries are loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and their fiber content helps to lower "bad" cholesterol levels.
PumpkinThis veggie is packed with heart-healthy fiber and vitamin A.
Nutmeg & CinnamonMixing these spices into fruit or vegetable sides can help you lower your cholesterol and maintain insulin levels in the blood.
PomegranatesThis gorgeous fruit is loaded with fiber, protein, potassium and vitamins C and K.
Sweet PotatoesSweet potatoes burst with fiber, vitamin A, potassium and phytochemicals, which stave off aging, cancer and arthritis.
TurkeyA serving of turkey provides almost half of the recommended daily allowance of folic acid and is a good source of vitamin B, zinc and potassium. These nutrients have been found to keep blood cholesterol down, protect against cancer and heart disease and boost the immune system.
StuffingPack it with nuts, dried fruits, carrots and celery, and you'll benefit from fiber and a range of vitamins.
PecansPecans are a great source of vitamin E and magnesium, which supports muscle strength. Plus, they're packed with protein, fiber, and the same "good" fats as olive oil.
Red WineAll wine is naturally heart-healthy, but red wines will provide the most antioxidant bang for your calorie buck. And take note: the dryer the wine, the higher the concentration of those disease-fighting properties.
Source: Fitness Magazine