A Dash of Benefits

Salt Bae may have found a second of fame online, but has he discovered Himalayan crystal salt? Mined from the Himalayan mountains and known as the purest salt in the world, this salt was originally part of the primordial sea that was located where the Himalayas now stand. As the Himalayan mountains rose higher and higher, the sea began to evaporate, and the salt left behind crystalized beneath the sun. Today, the salt is hand-mined and hand-washed, which means it avoids a lot of the processing regular table salt undergoes.

This salt, which is known for its pink color, has purported health benefits as well, including better quality of sleep, hair and nail growth, positive changes in circulation, respiration, nervous system functions, and weight loss. The pink hue comes from trace minerals including potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Some common uses for Himalayan salt are:

  • Bath salts: Himalayan bath salts could help pull toxins from your skin.
  • Salt inhaler: Using a Himalayan salt inhaler could help get rid of bacteria and other air pollutants in the nasal cavity.
  • Salt lamps: Himalayan salt lamps supposedly help improve air quality and negate the effects of electronics.
  • Salt blocks: Himalayan salt blocks can be used for cooking, serving or displaying food. They help food hold its temperature and can impart the salt’s benefits into the food.
  • Salt ball: Himalayan salt balls are used as deodorant or body cleansers to reduce body odors and balance the pH of the skin.
  • Salt foot tiles: Warming Himalayan salt foot tiles in the oven and resting your feet on them over a towel or cloth can help draw toxins out of your feet.
  • Mortar and pestle: Using a Himalayan salt mortar and pestle can help impart the salt benefits into spices or whatever you are grinding up in a clean and tidy manner.

Content by Lockton Dunning Benefits with info from: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/himalayan-salt-uses/